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For anyone interested, Sonicblue is clearancing the Rio Car units at unbelieveable prices.

Click here for their website

For those of you that don't know what a Rio Car is, it's basically an indash mini PC that runs the linux operating system. It has internal hard drives and stores up to 60GB of MP3 files. These units are by no means toys. They're pretty powerful head units and have great sound to them. They are only available with 4V pre amp outputs so you need some kind of existing amplifier system to integrate them into your setup.

I had been eyeing these units since there were close to $2,000 new. I snatched up a 30GB unit for $399.00 and it's probably the best technogadget I have ever bought. I believe there are still a few 30 and 60 gig units left so if anyone is interested, head on over to Sonicblue's webstore.

If anyone has any questions about the Rio Car, post here and Ill try to answer it even though I am a relative newbie when it comes to the unit.