Rjc pcv

Also - there are several threads already on this same subject.

But they all say mostly the same thing.

Maybe, maybe not.
Sometimes it does- sometimes it doesn't.

BLs good, BL's bad

RJC or Kirbans Check valve = works good / or better inline

The other threads go into some additional detail about PCVs that others have tried and had success with or not.
i.e. The metal bodied AZ one vs the AC Delco, etc etc.

I run the AZ - since it was convenient.
Although - they had to "special order it" And I had to wait a day...Wuts up with that? ????
I was almost a nervous wreck when doing a simple changing my PCV until after running and seeing 128...relaxed
But I also changed my rubber seal..so I felt I had accomplished something major!
I think that's the message for those that find this in a search. Sometime they work, sometime they don't sealing boost isn't the problem it's the crack pressure under vac.

I don't get it though. You only want it cracking open during SOME areas and not others? Fow how long would it be open? Not long seeing as how half the engine's power is from boost right? Doesn't vacuum go DOWN when you're cruising? Soooo when does it get to do it's job sucking crank case vapors? I was also told the pcm's strategy allows for that vacuum leak from the PCV. So that was false?
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most stock pcvs will open at cruise only and will be shut at WOT and under heavy decell.when in decell they pull far enough to block flow once again at the other end of there stroke.from looking at the rjc design ages ago it would seem it may not have the decel part of the equation maybe??? ive never had one in my hand to know.
I put a RJC in mine and my BLM went from 135 to 142 at idle and my vacuum dropped from -20/19 to -16/15psi. My idle AF ratio went from 12.8, which isn't good, to 15.0 at warm idle. Injector pw went from 2.3ms to 1.4ms. Interesting to say the least.
what should the normal function of the PCV be on a turbo car versus a standard engine? I notice on mine that at idle it's suction actually partially collapses the PCV line. If I pull the PCV valve out of the grommet in the engine (with the line still attached) the PCV appears to be fully open and functioning. If I test the valve by blowing compressed air through - its function seems normal. I have the standard stock valve.
I just talked with the guy at M/E Wagner due to the fact I'm having PCV issues. Great guy! Based on my condition he's leaning toward a baffle issue causing oil to get in the system. He's going to do some research and get back to me.
under vacuum

That's a good one. Well mine was sucking at all times, except under boost. Filled an oem one up with epoxy, installed it, and my blm's are 132 :) Car's runnin' good too. :)

Edit: Though, isn't that adjustable pcv (which is cherry by the way. kudos to someone that gave a shit enough to go out of their way & make something like that. that's something I would do if I got mad enough) for someone not running breathers on their valve covers?
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