rochester 4bbl qjets


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Jan 13, 2004
Anyone have a 4 barrel rochester quadrajet on their buick v6 ? I know they had them for a couple years.. but not sure what years. And were they on turbo engines only or did any come on non turbo engines ?

I am wanting to know what jet/rod sizes came in these carbuators


also look up b4black on this board, if anyone knows it will be him!

B4 black is nine lines down from general buick tech on the opening page of this board.

To get you started, the carbs were on the 4.1 engines of the early 80's. With a manifold from one of those cars, the 4bbl was an easy install on a 3.8. There should be some manifolds around for about $25-40 if you search this board and others. This combo gives a nice seat of the pants increase over the stock 3.8 2 bbl. Good luck.
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"" I like the sound of that. :D

The Q-jet came on all Turbo 3.8 V6's (except for a few '78 models) and on all 4.1 V6's (non-turbo). The 4.1 was only available from 1980/84, and only the 1980 was a non-electronic version.

Somebody else you have to answer the jet/rods question. I have only delt with the electronic carbs.
Maybe I can figures some of this out with the parts books. :)

The 1980 4.1 non-electronic carb is 17080244.
Primary jet is GM # 7031970 - "70"
Primary rod is 17057752 -
Secondary rod is 7045842 - "CP"
Secondary hanger is 7034522 -

Hopefully the GM numbers can help you find out what you need.
b4black.. thanks for the info !

I have a rochester qjet ontop of my buick v6.. its a oddfire 225 :) in a 1966 cj5 jeep. I am wanting to get this qjet calibrated more accuratly. Im not SURE.. but the last 2 numbers of the part number for the jets and rods tell what size they are. so.. 70 jets and 52 rods. But ill try to find out for sure.