rocker shafts

Anthony K

Aug 16, 2003
anyone know if i can get these from a Murrays/Pepboys/Autozone?i only need one so i can change valve springs. posted before and a guy said he had 2 he could send but he never got back to me. would like to get a set so i can start putting parts on instead of off

I bought a Melling brand (I think) shaft from Autozone website , about $30, took about a week.

May be a bit quicker ordering at the store, probably special order.
no junk yard close by ??

not hard to pop one off

personally I just run a big screw driver between the cup and the spring and pry them off the springs then use a screw down spring compressor on the springs

if the replacement springs have a dampner inside them which they should you dont use the cups nomore anyway
Can't you just take the rockers off one of your shafts and then just replace the nylon buttons? You should be able to get the nylon buttons at Napa for a couple of bucks.