Rod Question ? 1987 regal v6 3.8L 231


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I have been having some problems with my car and i have asked a mechanic and one of my friends what the problem may be. The problem is: i have notice that around a month ago my motor started making a ticking nosie that would get louder as i accelerated. I thought that maybe my oil was low so i checked it and it was.(just a tad though) So the knocking noise went away for awhile but started coming back. Now(which is about a month later) the motors knocks real lound especially when i hit the gas. So i was just wondering what this might be and can i do anthing about it beside get another moter. Oh the two guys i mentioned earlier said that something was wrong with my rods, something about some bearings or something and that if i keep driving i am going to throw a rod.
You might stop driving the car until you figure out what it is. Could it be a a bad cam sensor? Where does the knock sound like its coming from? Valvetrain, Bottom end, front of engine?
is it a knocking noise or is it a ticking noise? knocking is generally alot worse, spun bearings, broken parts, loose converter bolts,etc. ticking could be a cracked exhaust header, lifter, cam sensor, exhaust leak, etc.

how fast is it at idle? could determine whether its in the bottom end or the valvetrain. valvetrain spins at half the speed of bottom end. hope this helps!