Roll bar requirement ET

I have no proof but have never been question on many sub 7.35 runs. I'm to lazy to look it up but for some reason 6.99 and faster, stick in my mind
Thanks sixgun. I thought it was 7.49, but I wasn't certain.

Insane6/JC Turbo, your cars run great. We have similar combos and I wondered if you would share how you run so well. :) How much boost, timing, alcohol, etc.? What kind of O2's/EGT? Thanks for any help.
I took my power plate off and my car picked a little bit. 28# of boost, 25 degrees of timing is 1st and 23 in 2nd and 3rd, race gas at the track. My combo:

Stock 231 v6
Limit Engineering TE62
CASV V4 Stock Location Intercooler
009 injectors
Houston 3' Downpipe
SMC Alcohol Injection
Built 200R4 Trans
3200 Precision Vigilante Converter
Stock Rear / Stock Suspension
Stock block
Ported stock heads
60/65 inj. Motoron
Turbotweak alky chip
Thunderfab I\C stock location
Razor's alky kit spraying methanol
Tranny built by Century transmission
3400-3600 custom billet stall by Century
Stock suspension, just boxed lowers

Heck I've started hitting some 7.0's lately in the 1\8 with cooler weather and was worried about a rollbar , guess I over shot it already LOL :biggrin:
Most of my best runs were at 24 psi, 45 on the Fuel pressure(line off) with pump gas and alky,I have not even started playing with the timing on the chip.
Previous best with stock heads 11.40 @117, but with the ported VPE racing heads 11.17@118 the heads really woke up the car.
Thanks for quick responses! :)

JC--I just run methanol injection at the track, no race gas, so I can't run as much timing as you. Your TE-62 helps a little more than my TE-61, also. You have a strong running combo.

insane6--Wow, 7.0s, that's great. What kind of 60'? I am going to lower my boost from 28 down to 26 and lean it out some to see if I can pick up some mph. I am at the edge of low RTD at 28 and need to lower boost anyway. I still have the stock hg and I would like to keep them. :smile: My car would be pig rich at 45# static fp. I run 41# now and add 2% at the track with the Translator and my O2's are in the 795-805 range. I read good things about the heads you have but I'm really surprised you didn't pick up but one mph with them. Great combo and times.
Thanks for the compliment. I'm hoping to get 11.0's or a 10.99 out of it.

When I'm at the track I use race gas. I like the added insurance. I run alky only on the street with 25# of boost. So the car is pretty close to race ready even when on the street.
I wish you well with the 11.0. :) Knocking off that last .2 can be difficult at that et level. Just don't get greedy and break something important! :eek:
My stall is too loose I think and that's what's holding back the mph
best 60 is 1.56 but generally pull 1.59-1.65
I like my 3,200 stall with the TE-61. If I ever get heads, they will probably be from VPE.

Great 60' times. I assume you are running slicks.
Agree... 7.49

My local dirt pit 1/8 mile track gave me Das Boot last January after a string of 7.0 passes..

Now I want 6.3's :biggrin:
guys the 7.35 wasnt a guess , its from the 2005 NHRA rule book so i wont debate it here ,
i assume the question was for a buick reagl so no convertible

from sportsman ,superpro and pro section 1A
roll bar mandatory for all cars (includng TTops) running 11.00 (7.00) to 11.49 (*7.35) , in convertibles running 11.00 (*7.00) to 13.49(*8.25) and in all une buggy type vehicles running 12.00 (*7.50) seconds and slower . permitted in all cars , see general regulation 4.10, 10.6 .
(*= 1/8mi et)

roll cage
roll cage mandatory in cars running 10.99(*699) or quicker or any car exceeding 135mph, in full bodied cars with unaltered firewall ,floor ,and body (from firewall rearward ,wheeltubs permitted) running between 10.00(*6.40) and 10.99 (*6.99), roll bar permitted , in convertibles running 10.99 or quicker or exceeeding 135 mph, roll cage mandatory. cars running between 7.50 (*4.50) and 9.99(*6.39) must have chassis inspected every three years by NHRA and have a serialized sticker affixed to cage before participation. there is more but it applies to dragsters..

the section in the roll cage allows for a 5 point roll bar to legally take you to 10.00 as long as you are slower than 135
section 4.10 in general rules details the 5 point bar (you dont need the passenger bar across the door area) and it must be attached to the frame on regals and to a 6" square by 1/8" plates (top and bottom) on the firebird

there are other safety items you need as well once you cross the 7.35 1/8th mark like an SFI 3.2A/1 single layer fire jacket , and SFI spec 16.1 three inch retsraint 11.49 (*7.35) and quicker , and a driveshaft loop even if you are only on street tires , if you run slicks the loop is required at any speed.

and at 10.99 (*6.99) or faster than 135 you need a tranny sheild and must have aftermarket axles with axle retention device (no c-clips )
also note for some NHRA competion classes classes like stock fuel injected you need a roll bar for competition if you are faster than 14.99 (A/FI through G/FI) and for stock eliminater its required for 14.49 and faster (A/SA through M/SA) and all convertibles require a roll bar
So the 7.50 was when my track was IHRA since the bar law was/use to be anything faster than a 12.0.

So with the new 11.49 rule.. 7.35 is the number with NHRA

Anyone know if the IHRA also followed reducing the ET?
pacecarta---Thanks a lot for the clarification/info. I think I will just lower my boost to stay above the 7.35 et. That will be safer RTD wise and less stress on the motor, too.