roller cam button vs. stock?


Dec 15, 2001
Hello all, I am putting my motor back together after machining, and hear a lot of people recommend a roller cam button for a hydraulic flat tappet cam. I think I may already have one, not sure though.

According to John's Performance:
"Upgraded 45 PSI spring and roller bearing replaces the stock 25 PSI spring and plastic button that bores holes in your timing cover because it spins and allows cam walk."

Not sure of the spring pressure, but mine is certainly not plastic. It looks just like the one in the pic. Not sure what a stock cam button looks like. If it is very different, then I would say the previous owner of my GN replaced the cam button with a roller when the timing chain was replaced.

If anyone can confirm this, I'd appreciate it.
Hello BlackBeauty,

If the cam button and spring can spin freely independant of each other, then it is a roller cam button.

The stock one was just a spring and a plastic cam button that spun together. So as the cam rotated, so did the spring and the button. The button would wear into the front cover.