Roller rockers-what to use??


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Jul 1, 2007
Im getting ready to install reconditioned 8445 heads,polished & ported,stock
size valves.Going to use a 212 212 cam of some kind.What roller rockers
should i use???,chevy type?,if so what ones,t&d?,like to get good quality
but save some money!Need some help,recomendations & info bad!Love to hear from you guys that know whats up in this area,Please help.:confused:

PM my friend "toddbroussardco" on these boards. He just bought a killer set of roller rockers. He can give you some info as to how much $ and where he bought them.
Has there been any definitive data to show that roller rockers add any HP. If it were me I'd order a et of heavy duty stock rocker from TAPerformance. Unless your building an all out race car that is.

A friend of mine broke his 1.8 t&d's at the nats and had to replace them w/ stockers at the track and his times didnt change at all.
i used harland sharps but had to use a different length pushrod for proper oiling to the rockers a extra 115 dollars i wasnt expecting but they are nice.the only reason i bought them was so i could adjust my lash other wise i would of saved my money
if your not running a roller cam just get some HD shafts from nick micale or Ta Performance.