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GN One Day...

Senior Member
May 28, 2001
A specific board area for new owners, prospective owners might be a good idea. I have been frequenting an Isuzu 4 wheeling board for a long time, and I know that something that gets old is when the same beginner questions keep coming up over and over. The people can use the search function to get some answers, although maybe not *exactly* the answer they need. This is one of the best forums I've come across, and really adds to the idea of being a TR owner. Iwouldn't buy a car that didn't have good internet fan support. A lot of times a beginner or newbie to the car or board poses questions, not only to get the desired answer, but because they want to participate in such a great community. However, asking redundant questions may waste the time of "seasoned" owners and board members. A newbie might be misinterpreted as a troll, as well, for this reason. A separate forum for Newbie's would provide a place for interaction at the "rookie" level for these cars, as well as promote basic discussion that might not be appropriate for the other areas of the site. Proper "netiquette" could also be discussed for those new to the whole idea of message boardss. Experienced owners who don't mind answering rookie questions could willingly check in to help out with info, while those not interested can easily overlook it. Rookies might have information to share with each other although few have all the answers. I might know about "A", the next guy knows about "B" and another knows about "C". Together we might figure out the basics, where individually we fail, and seasoned owners are just plain tired of the same old questions coming up. I was lurking around here back at "the crash" and I know that many of the same old questions started popping up after that, to the annoyance of some. How about a Rookie area that is designed for these questions, as a kind of staging area for the new guys? I hope that some of the old hands around here would drop in to lend some expertise to make it work and get started, but in time it ought to work well, IMO.

Thoughts, opinions?
I havent been a tr owner for long myself, but the entire site is indeed valuable to us all. only the TROLLS suck here...scan the lists and you will find what you need...Also it might be a way to meet the new guys