rpm led light pegs


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Dec 11, 2007
Does anyone know whats wrong? everytime i start the car the rpm indicator lights pegs (car idles good) Ive replace the instrument panel already and it still does that. is there a sensor that controls that?

where can i get a tach/boost module, Would you know how much would it cost. I cant seem to open the link.


John at Caspers recallibrates them for you. It's around $100 plus your old tach/boost led combo and he'll send you back a recallibrated one/
The only thing the stock tach is good for is pretty lights, get a quality aftermarket tach with a recall and be good to go.
I agree with Williams however if I were restoring a TR/GN and wanted everything to be perfect, I'd certainly spend the coin to have my "Knight Rider" lights dead on. :)