RPS Introduces our Return Line Kits! E-85 Compatible Fuel Return Lines for $150 Shipped


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New Return Line kits from RPS.

For those people who want to upgrade your fuel lines, but don't want to spend $500 on a setup, this return line kit comes with a new -6AN return line and adapter fitting for the pressure regulator.

We all know the stock feed line will take you to the 10s, so if that works for you, this kit was made to save you money by offering ONLY what you NEED.

Installing this return line, along with making sure the sending unit return line tubes are ported out (if need be) will allow you to run larger fuel pumps on the stock feed lines, along with swapping to an E85 setup if you desire.

Fuel return lines are 16.5 feet ( 16-1/2 )long.

They come with; metric to AN adapter fitting with aluminum crush washer that mounts at the bottom of the stock style fuel pressure regulator. One side of the line has a 90degree fitting on it, and the otherside has a straight -6AN hose end on it. If you do not have a sending unit that has AN fittings on it, we can remove the straight AN fitting and include worm-gear hose clamps, so that you can slide the nylon hose over the return line hose barb on the sending unit. If you want this done we reduce the cost by $10.

These kits are $150 shipped to the lower 48 states right now. We have 3 more kits available and IN STOCK READY TO SHIP. KIT DOES NOT COME STANDARD WITH PICTURED FUEL FILTER. PLEASE READ BELOW FOR FURTHER DETAILS.

OPTIONAL: New fuel filter (same as pictured) with adapter fittings so that you can install a new E85-compatible fuel filter. These DeatschWerks fue filters have a 3 year warranty, are 10 micron stainless steel filter elements, and have less than 1 psi of backpressure rise-over 40sq inches of surface area. Fuel filter add-on is $140 SHIPPED to the lower 48 states. All filters are drop-shipped from DeatschWerks to reduce overall costs (by not having to pass on the extra cost to have it shipped to us and then shipped to you).

For questions or orders, please call or text Tyler at 707 362 6030 or email at 1987GN@gmail.com

Thank you,


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How does does the braided return line connect to the hanger?

If you somehow have a hanger with AN fittings already on it, we will include an AN hose end.

If you are like the rest of us, and have a hangar with stock hose barbs on it, we would leave the hose end bare, and you would slide the nylon braided hose over the return line hose barb on the hangar/sending unit.

I am assuming the majority of people will have the latter of the two situations. As such, we will include two worm-gear clamps to secure the hose line to the stock hangar/sending unit.
you need to offer them with appropriate fittings/adapters for the FlexFuel sensors. either mounted up front, or out back....

you need to offer them with appropriate fittings/adapters for the FlexFuel sensors. either mounted up front, or out back....


Due to there being mulitiple types of flex fuel sensors, I need to see what sensor type it is in order to make the line accordingly.