RPS WORK Turbo / Gee M Racing Headers- Valentine's Day "I love my Turbo Buick Too Much" Sale!


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Aug 14, 2004
RPS is having a Valentine's Day sale since we all love our cars more than we hope our significant others ever find out about!

We are offering sales on our WORK Turbos; Garrett journal and Dual Ball Bearing Units, Borg Warner Units, and ALL WORK Turbos - both Rebuilt units and Brand new units!

We are also offering a sale on our Gee M Racing Street and Race headers!

To top it off, we are offering a "Couples" package deal when you purchase both a set of headers and a turbo!

We are going to be taking $75 off ANY Journal Bearing Turbo purchase, and $100 off any Dual Ball Bearing Turbo purchase!

We are taking $75 off the Street headers from Gee M Racing, and $100 off the Race headers as well! We are also going to give you a FREE $40 upgrade for those looking for headers with external wastegate piping- typically this is now a $40 upgrade from ANY Gee M Racing vendor, but we are giving it to you for free!

Our "Couples" Pricing for the Turbos and Headers is going to be an additional $75 OFF ANY Turbo and Header combination! That means you could potentially save $315 off your turbo and header purchase!!

For any questions, please call myself at 707 362 6030, Reggie West at 951-970-1433, or Kendall Riebel 620-717-3687 OR visit our website at www.boostedrps.com OR email us at 1987GN@gmail.com OR 1987GN@boostedrps.com!!

I have included in this post pictures of what a Rebuilt turbo from WORK Turbo looks like. The turbo in the photos was originally a stock unit, and was rebuilt into a WORK Billet TA6056.

EVERY WORK Turbo rebuild comes with the following: New Billet Compressor wheel, new billet backplate, new 360 degree severe duty thrust bearing, new Ceramic Coated turbine housing (a $150-$200 option ANYWHERE else), new blueprinted and balanced wheel assembly, WORK-improved airflow distribution in the turbine housing ( as shown in the photo with the pen. WORK ports and smooths down the short-turn radius inside the turbine housing where the wastegate puck hole is to help maximize the airflow transition here).


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