The "I'm no longer Banned" WORK Turbo & Gee M Racing Headers Sale!


still needs to learn
Aug 14, 2004
Admit it. That is the best name for a Vendor's sale you've yet to see.

Not only is the board back (from what I hear..) but so am I!

To celebrate my life now being complete (because don't we all live vicariously through our internet personas and yearn for an outlet when we're unable to access our digital avatar?) and being back on the board, BoostedRPS is going to have a sale on our WORK turbo rebuilds, Garrett GTW turbos, Borg Warner turbos (for those looking to make some BIG power), and Gee M Racing headers.

Turbo Sale Details:
* All WORK Turbo rebuilds and new turbos are $75 off the regular pricing!
- This means a new WORK Rebuilt billet 6262 that would normally be $995 is now $920!
*All Garrett and Borg Warner Turbos are $75 off the regular pricing!

For a complete list of our turbos we offer:

Gee M Header Sale Details:
*Street headers are $75 off with FREE SHIPPING ($70 cost!)
*Race Headers are $110 off with FREE SHIPPING ($70 cost!!)

***Header Pricing is still subject to normal cost increases for additional options like EGT probes/Wideband 02 bungs/etc**
To look at the various Gee M Racing headers, please visit our website:

If you have any questions on turbocharger selection or header options, please call me, Tyler, at 707 362 6030. I live in California so please keep that in mind for the time zone difference, because I am NOT an early morning riser.

Or you could email us at OR my personal email: feels gooooood to be back! :D