WORK 1,000hp G4S 6765 Dual Ball Bearing Turbos $1,795!!!


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Aug 14, 2004
We at RPS are incredibly proud to offer special Promotional pricing on the new WORK G4 line of turbochargers!! This promotion is only for the 6765 sized turbo. These ball bearing turbos normally retail for $2,025 but this Promotional price is for $1,795 which is a $200 savings! This Promotion will last only as supplies last!!

These turbos use brand new designed, 100% point-milled compressor wheel that is made in the USA, that flows over 95lbs/min and capable of supporting over 1,000fwhp!

This turbo with the right supporting mods, only requires a 3,000-3,100 stall converter!!! When I mean supporting mods, on a stock block / stock displacement / stock compression ratio engine, the mods would be; ported iron heads, PTC 9.5" converter, E85 for fuel, and a camshaft with at least 208 duration. If your car has those modifications, you would only need a stall speed to spool this converter of 3,000 to 3,100rpm.

The owner of WORK Turbo ran this turbo on his stock block / displacement / compression ratio engine, with a chip, E85, PTC 9.5", and ported iron heads and ran a 10.98" in the 1/4 at 12psi with a footbrake launch of 7-8psi in a 3,807lb car!!!

Details on these turbos:
1) 4" inlet, 2.5" outlet ported shroud compressor cover
2).63 or .85 Buick turbine housing
3) These are built off of Garrett ball bearing center sections and turbine wheels
3) Utilize our point milled 67mm compressor wheel
4) Custom machined compressor cover
5) Genuine Garrett quality bearing and seal structure
6) MADE IN THE USA point milled forged aluminum compressor wheel
7) Bearing housing is coated gloss black for corrosion protection
8) Turbine housing is coated semi-ceramic black for corrosion protection
9) Compressor housing starts off as a Garrett part that is machined to this specific compressor wheel, featuring a fully developed ported shroud inlet for increased airflow as the compressor wheel reaches the choke line.
10) 100% high speed VSR balanced assembly (unit is balanced and tested all the way to full RPM)

These turbos DO require a water line kit, which we sell for $100, and oil feed line fittings for $45. For the oil line fittings we need to know if you have the stock oil feed line or braided oil feed lines. This pricing is not included in the $1,795.

If you have any questions on this unit, please post here / PM me, or email me at, or call 707 362 6030.

Thank you for taking the time to check this turbo out!


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For those concerned at how well the Garrett Dual Ball Bearing center sections spool up, here is a link to a Turbo Lab of America video where they compare the ball bearing cartridge from a PTE 6262 to a Garrett GT35R (similar sized turbos) and found that the Garrett ball bearing cartridge spools 500 FASTER than the Precision, and is also more durable/better built.

10.98 @ 12 psi.....LOL......Better double check that boost gauge/log

If you think I am lying, call WORK Turbochargers and ask for the owner Reed Partridge. Their number is 2058746608.

They open at 9am EST. So 90 minutes from now.

Please do post what you find.

Until then, we'll put a pin in this conversation :)
If you think I am lying, call WORK Turbochargers and ask for the owner Reed Partridge. Their number is 2058746608.

They open at 9am EST. So 90 minutes from now.

Please do post what you find.

Until then, we'll put a pin in this conversation :)

I understand the hype of new product and all and dam glad to see it out there. But, the claims need to be real.

He may have said what ever annd I dont have to call him.

Experience tells me otherwise just not going to happen at 12 psi.

Maybe it was a typo to make the part sound OMG.

Your posting the info up not him and that stands as a representation of the product and when questioned your pawning off to a third party. There is no time slip, logs, etc.

Many including myself have ran the stock short block with larger turbos and know its air consumption limits and 12 psi and 10.98 aint gonna happen.

Factory shortblock , factory cam with ported iron heads aint running no 10.98 at 12 psi.....maybe @ 21 PSi with a sub 1.4 60' leaving at 15+ psi with perfect air.

Didnt this same thing just happen with your products crankshaft claims?
So, I spoke to Reed. I was WRONG. I mis-read his post. He ran 11.17 at 20psi.

His friend ran 10.98 at 16-17psi with TA heads.

My sincere apologies to EVERYONE who read this. I had NO intentions of misleading people, and I am truly sorry.

As for my crankshaft-no, there was no issue with the amount of power it could take, because there are PLENTY of engines using those cranks making TONS of power. People were being asses just to mess with the new guy-ME. Those cranks have been used for years now making well into the 4-figure HP numbers.

People like to cause a fuss and point out the smallest mistake or inconsistency they can because they either love the drama, love seeing new companies struggle, do not like me personally, have their own agenda, have deep rooted insecurities about themselves and any chance to point out a potential fault in someone they relish the opportunity so that they can subliminally assert themselves higher in the social hierarchy of things through not being "that" person, or they are just plain assholes.

Take your pick. They are all valid reasons :)