Ruined or wrecked hood w/good bulge


New Member
Oct 10, 2001
I need a turbo 'bulge' from a ruined or wrecked hood. As long as the 'bulge' and about 2" around it are in good shape. I sure hope I'm not inviting posts w/too much info on good 'bulge's. I don't want to buy a good hood (or pay for shipping on something that big) just the 'bulge'. Oh man it doesn't stop, I'm in trouble:p .

Oh man this is too good to pass up. So let me get this straight. Your looking for the right buldge, not the whole area just the buldge!?

Now here's a man that knows what he wants!;)
Yup, that's about it, just the BULGE !!!! I'm not sure if my original post should have prompted you to include the words "straight" or "man", but I should have known this was coming. Just the 'bulge'. I realized my car just doesn't have enough BULGE , so I need to do some surgery to add some BULGE to the hood. That's all.