running on less than 6 ???


Aug 28, 2004
Ran fine last week
Stock motor, low milage, just changed pump to double pumper a few weeks ago, that was the last thing I did.

Car will not start easy, and when it does, it seems to be running on about three or four cylinders.

I believe my stock MAF is good
I changed the o2
I put on a new coil pack, and checked wires.
I hear something not right on the drivers side of motor.
Not rod knock (I've had that one before) maybe just the belt tensioner flopping around as motor struggles to idle?
All fluids look normal.

No codes

Would car even start if cam sensor went dead? How about running on 3cylinders? What would all of a sudden cause that? I looked in valve cover and the noise is not really in there. The rocker shaft seems OK at first glance. No smoke from valve covers or exhaust.
I'm using a scanmaster for now to check out what I can.
Thanks for input!!
Take a valve cover off to see if your rocker arms are going up and down on that side. Make sure your getting spark.
I will as soon as I can tow car home from my work. How fast can a cam get wiped out? From normal to no running in one day? One week? I did replace the OEM valve springs.
I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. I bet my car is out of gas. Ha! The new double pumper must have a suck guage.

How often do people have problems with the gas guage when using a double pumper?

I'm going back to work with a gas can in a few mins., Hope that is it.

Car still reads 3/4 tank after over 200miles. I'm an idiot.
Well, I feel like a fool. Car was out of gas.
Guess the tank is comming out again, what fun!

The new double pumper dropped to 1/4 very fast, I filled tank, it read full, it slowly went to 3/4 tank and stopped. Car was empty.

Anybody have any ideas? Electrical, or the float thingy is stuck?