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I will be running 1550- 1625 degree exhaust temp. It has been recommended I use Valves made from Inconel material Vs S/S. BIG difference in the price. Is it worth it? Whats your oppinion? Thanks Larry

Your EGT'S withh a turbocharged engine might be as hot as 1900
@ the exaust valve. So I would say to use the inconel on the exaust & Stainless on intake.
Is that the same as a sodium filled valve? somone asked me if I would be running these and had never heard about them. Im sure its for extreme heat on the tubo charged engines.
I use the inconel and I have melted a few of them over the years.I don't know if the S/S will with stand the test of time and heat.

The heads I will be running on my junk have titanium intake and exhaust, will that give me problems???
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The heads I will be running on my junk have titanium intake and exhaust, will that give me problems???
I ran those valves On My SS/DX Stage motor the head related problems I experienced were with the valve seats right where they intersected each other. I went to berrilium seats & the problem improved but was never completely eliminated.

Thanks again for your time.
I really did enjoy your ss/dx car.
When you and Fruchey would go at it was
the best rivalry in buick racing!!!
Talked to a Tech at Manley today. He tells me with the High exhaust temps on the turbo motors that inconel was the correct choice for the exhaust valves - not needed on the intake side.
I ask about Titanium ( lighter weight ). He said they would hold up under the heat also. I told him I would be running 7000 rpm and his response was with that at my rpm that titanium would not be necessary. Thats all I know. :rolleyes: Larry
If you find a place to buy the inconel valves let me know, i am looking for a set of 1.6 for my M@A heads. They have to ship to Canada, and use mail not ups!!
Norbs, MIke at T/A Peformance is putting mine together and he is ordering these valves. Give him a call 1-480-922- 6807. Tell him I sent you- :eek: No- won't save you a dime :D But- he should be able to help you. Larry
i just orderered from them some things, ill have to add it to the next order thanks for the tip
Ti valves

Thought I'd add a comment on the Titanium valves. My Cobra's S2 motor came with them and because we limited the motor to a max of 8,000 RPM we chucked the Ti valves. The problem with them is that they WILL fail. Especially on the street. When the Stage II's were racing in the Busch series they chucked them after a 500 miler. EXPENSIVE. BUT they will give you an extra 1,000 RPM with the right set up.

We went with Stainless but for a Turbo you might want the inconel.