S0...you've just put down 370' of rubber & wrecked daddy's 69 Camaro.....

Kids & high hp

I always thought that I was a good kid (doesn't everyone?), but that didn't prevent me from occasional "less than the best" driving antics when I was 16.
My 1st car was a 2.0 L Pinto with a 4 speed, thank goodness for common sense after the 1st "oil crisis". I maintain to this day that if I'd had the V-8 Mustang that I originally wanted, I would be dead or in jail.
I had a bit more respect for the laws of physics (and the road) by the time I got the Tiger in 1985.
These cars do burnouts?! KEWL!
Burnout? Everyone told me i need a v8 to do a burnout:eek: I tried it once just to see but when i pressed the gas while holding the brake the car started makin this funny whistling noise :confused: i think it was comin from the transmission:eek: i immediatedy let off the gas ill never try that again i wouldnt wanna break anything ya know:biggrin: i guess ill have to leave burnouts to the mustang guys :rolleyes: ;)