S10 12in front disc brakes?


Young William
Jan 8, 2002
Does anybody Know for a fact that S10-S15 Pickups,Jimmys,Blazer
front disc brakes will work on are regals? I friend told me 91-92 S10 and S15 came with 12in front disc brakes and should work.
He said I'd need the brakes,calipers and Upper A arms and It should work. I said U got to be kidding!!? HAve u guys heard anything about this?:confused:
The 98+ "2WD" S10 blazers have 11" rotors with 2 piston calipers. From what I understand you use the 1/2" shorter tie rod ends from the 82-92 F Bodies with the 2WD spindles.
Do a search at http://www.montecarloss.com in the Rolling Chassis forum for "zq8". They're not really zq8 spindles/brakes though.
98 and newer 2wd Blazers still use 10.5 rotors. They use a useless sealed hub and bearing setup from a FWD car so you have to replace the knuckles and everything. Not worth it from a perfomance point of view.

Eric Fisher