Sarah's long lost younger sister....


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May 26, 2001
Welp, I just recently decided to sell my Evo. I needed to get rid of the car payment and knew that now was as good a time as ever to sell if I wanted to make any money on that car. I was kicking around the idea of dumping a bunch of money into the Merkur to make it a better daily driver when it hit me. Why not search for Sarah's long lost younger sister instead?

So, for about 3 weeks now, I've been searching for the right car. I knew from past experience, that the L67 powered Regals were very reliable and would get very good gas mileage as well as be very comfortable on those long distance trips back home. I had narrowed my search down on Auto Trader to 5 cars that were within 200 miles. Of those 5, I really had my eye on two of them. So, I purchased a Car Fax account and started doing my homework. And boy and I glad I did. 3 of the 5 had 4 or more previous owners. and 2 of the 5 had been involved in serious accidents. So this narrowed the search down to just two cars. The first one I was looking at was in Libertyville. I called them on Tuesday and told them that I wanted to come look at the car on Saturday to call me if it sold before then. The salesman said he would call me for sure. Friday comes along and I call them again to make sure they still had the car cause I noticed it was not on Autotrader anymore or on their website. A different salesman told me he didn't know if it was still available or not, but to give him my number and he would check and call me back. I never got a call. So, I contacted Dealership #2. They had the car, I spoke to a really nice man named Vincent. I called him again on Saturday to let him know about what time I would be there. My friend Tim gave me a ride over there to check it out and to give his two cents on the car. She was clean, interior is spotless with only one mark on the drivers floor carpet and worn leather on the steering wheel.

Ok, during the test drive I discovered 3 things. 1. ABS brake light was on and the brakes were studdering. Ok, warped rotors, no biggie. BTDT with my old 98. #2 AC needs to be charged. No biggie. Got it covered too. #3 driver side rear window won't go down with either switch. Also, not a biggie, it's either a switch or the motor. Motor sounded as smooth as butter, no rattling bearings in the SC and was pretty clean. The first time I got on her pretty hard, she was flying!!! I was like, damn! This car is faster than my old '98 was when it was stock. I seriously doubt this car was ever driven hard. My buddy Tim was like Holy Sh#@ dude, this car flys!!! It would give my Mach One a run for it's money. He has a mint condition 2003 Mach One. I said, nah, no way, it feels like a high 14 second car to me. Needless to say, he was very impressed as he had absolutely no idea about these cars and how quick they were. The car rode very smoothly and was very tight. I was sold as soon as I turned out of the lot. I knew right then, that this was Sarah's long lost younger sister.

We make it back to the car lot and now it's time to discuss price. I told the saleman about the 3 items and made him an offer of $3600. He thought about it for a few seconds and looked it up in his computer to see what he paid for it. He came back at me with, "I'll take $3,750 and she's all yours." Sold. That was the easiest negotiation I have ever had from a used car lot. Not too mention that Vincent was a really nice guy. Kelly Blue Book lists current Private Party value of a Good condition GS with mileage at 144k at $4,815.00. Suggested Retail value at Excellent condition is $6,915.
Nada shows Clean Retail Value at $4,825 so I don't think I did too bad. Especially considering that I know how to work on this car and fix what is wrong.

The paint I would say is in Fair to Good condition, but as you will see in the pictures, shines like crazy and is a very good 5 footer. Not too shabby for a One owner 144k highway driven miles and well maintained. I also have all the maintenance records, owners manual and other papers. I don't really care for the wheels, but I have something in the works to cure that. I have a line on a set of factory chrome GS wheels for dirt cheap. So fast forward to today and I get my buddy Don to give me a ride out to the car lot to pick up the car. We got a late start and got caught in Illinois famous I-294s traffic. We get there at 10 minutes to 11, and I don't get out of there until 11:45. The drive home was un-eventful and I actually averaged about 26mpg. At lunch today I stopped by the zone and picked up some brake parts and after I submit this post, am gonna get out there and get to swappin...
I am very happy with the car, who I've given the name Shelly.
I haven't let the two sisters see each other yet, but we will see in a few minutes. The only things I am going to do to her are a cold air kit, new fuel filter and plugs, change the oil and filter and cabin air filter, swap out the chrome GS wheels, get the windows tinted, charge up the AC and maybe a body colored rear spoiler and just enjoy her.
First here is a pic of Sarah that we all know and love....


And now, I'd like you all to meet her younger sister Shelly.







And this was the first picture I ever saw of her.


More pictures can be viewed here.

Patricks_cars/99 Regal GS Shelly - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I would like to say thanks to my buddy Steve for going to look at a GS while he was up in Detroit for me last week. I appreciate it buddy. I'd also like to thank my buddy Tim for taking me this past Saturday to check out the car. Thanks Tim. And to my buddy Don for going way, Way above and beyond the call of duty to take me over there to pick her up this morning. Thanks Don.
Ok, enough chit chat, I gotta get out there and get to work.
I think it's kinda ironic in a way, cause right now, Sarah has stock aluminum T wheels, and so does Shelly, but hopefully before the weekend, Sarah will have her shiny new shoes and so will Shelly.
I'll post more pics of them both together showing off their shoes maybe this weekend if the weather holds out. Nothing better than reuniting long lost siblings.....
Thank for reading and sorry so long.

That is a nice car! I bet it gets way better gas mileage than my F-150 does!:D
My GTP gave me 30 mpg on one trip. Car full of people and junk in the trunk. Nice cars indeed.
Pat, I always enjoy reading your "stories", nice car. my nephew has a black/silver one like yours with the oem chrome wheels,ive always liked his car.
Nice car....

I have an 03 N/A 3800 Regal that allows me to keep the GN. I didn't want a GS out of fear that mod money would get spent on it. My LS got 32.8MPG on a trip last week:)

Would you care to get me the lower body color number for your car? I have a two tone silver/tan and the tan has to go, I want something factory and darker. I haven't seen many of these with that lower color. Thanks!
I almost forgot!!!!!!!

Put this kit on it!!!!! GM Parts Direct: Your direct source for Genuine GM Parts Mine had the same suspension as a GS but oversteer was really bad still. This kit took care of that backend is coming around so you better make room feeling. Worth every penny, it changed the way the car felt just backing out of the driveway. has lots of info for these cars.

Don't forget fresh tranny fluid/filter and a cooler, I put one on mine.
Very clean car! I’ve gone back and looked at it a couple of times. I didn’t even know Buick made a supercharged Regal. What years were they produced and what kind of hp did they put out? Very nice.
1997.5 through 2003.
Buick Regal GS, 3.8L V6 3800 Series II Supercharged with an Eaton M90 making approximately 5-6.8psi of boost. Better known as the L67 motor. Rated at 240 flywheel hp and 280 ft lbs of torque. Same motor used in the Pontiac Grand Prix GTPs from the same years.

Buick Regal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Depending on weight, they would typically run Mid 15s to high 14s in the 1/4 mile. My bone stock '98 GS that I bought new ran a best of a 15.28 @ 92 right after I got her. That car weighed over 3900#s too. Eventually with minor bolt ons I got that car to run a best of a 14.06 @ 103. But now, people have them running into the 12's with serious modifications.
Great cars, good on gas, very very comfortable ride and looks good for a 4 door sedan. You will be surprised just how many you will see on the roads. Just in the last week, it seems like everytime I'm out and about, I keep seeing more and more LS and GS models everywhere I go.
I fixed the brakes Monday night so all is well now. Only took me two hours doing it at dusk. Gonna have the AC looked at/charged this weekend. Hope it's not too bad of a report.
Anywho, thanks for reading.

hey cool man, i know alot of people who name their cars........strangely they are all 16 year old girls......weird
Point taken...
But truth be told, I named this car in tribute to the first love of my life that I lost too Hurricane Katrina.....

Nothing wrong with naming your regals guys. Think about the time, money, emotional and physical expense these cars are. I know I have bonded with my car and I wouldnt trade it for any other car on the road.

I named my car Betsy because that is what my mom named her 1972 Buick 2-door 225 with a 455 that I grew up riding in. When your 6 years old that car is FAST! My mom took me to the "School of Tourqe" every day in that ride.;) She always said that it wasnt the prettiest car out there but you didnt want to mess with it. Sort of like my GN...not the most graceful lines but beautiful unto itself. Yeah Im what.

I will go hang out with you Patrick.:D
Nice, welcome to the club. My GS is my daily driver, and I love her to death. I treat the car like crap, put at least 100 miles a day on it in Orlando traffic and heat, romp on it, don't keep the best maintenance on it,and still that car loves me. It must, because it has never even hiccupped. I've said it before, best car I've ever owned. My GN is my #1 love, but the GS has earned my respect and admiration. Toughest little sumbitch I've ever seen. Enjoy.