Saw these rears in a junkyard.........


May 11, 2008
Saw these rears in a junkyard on Friday..........can someone tell me if they are desirable types or close but no cigar...thanks in advance.

1983 Buick LeSabre


1985 Pontiac Gran Prix

Top one is the 8.875 10 bolt. Junk. No parts available other than maybe a stray bearing or seal. Plus it will only fit the B/C/D-Body full size cars. Bottom one is 7.5 non posi and it looks like it's the 2.29 ratio.:eek: Well it will bolt in to any G-Body.:rolleyes:
Thanks turbofish38 trying to learn how i.d. some of the stuff i saw while looking for some bucket seats for my Regal. For now I will stick with 7.5 I have.:(
I thought all 7.5's had the little horns that stuck out the bottom? Maybe I am not seeing the pic right though