Sborel's 86 GN paint job progress pics...(56k warning)


Steve has been trying to get his 86 GN painted for sometime. I had some before and after soda blasting pics but I lost a hard drive and many many pics along with it. These pics are the most recent one's. The pics before the paint were just taken last week and the others were taken last night. I don't really know a whole lot about everything involved so I'll let Steve step in and explain when he catches up with this thread. Here are some pics of his GN.









Here are the most recent pics from Thursday night as mentioned above.


Turbo 6 :D







Driver's side of hood polished and passenger side NOT.


Last couple of shots :cool: Steve's still got lots of finishing up to do and the top surfaces are the only areas as of Thursday that have gone through the cutting and polishing. This car will look sweet when it's all done! Good job Steve :cool:


I got a little carried away! I did'nt realize how many hours and $ it would take to get this far. I would not have soda blasted car if i knew all the extra work it created. I had to paint the ALL the jams due to damage from blasting, my painter did'nt want to paint them so i had to learn myself. I used centari single stage(pitch black). Im glad i stripped the car to metal, i would definetly recomend using a DA and or chemical strippers(sanding materials would only be maybe $200, soda blasting cost $700) The primer on these cars is like concrete. I had to still had to sand the roof after blasting.:eek: I had to reblend the roofline joint due to blasting removed some of the lead fill. Good paint is VERY expensive, base maker is $100 a quart(makes a half gallon) for Dupont cromma premier plus reducer and activator. My work gave a deal only charging for materials used, i did'nt have buy full cans etc. We used a gallon of base and gallon of clear:cool: 3 coats of base and 3 of clear, thats why i color sanded the body. I have a least 20 hrs in that process, PIA. I know why a good or show piant job costs so much, Im into this paint/body work job about $2500 and ive done 70% of the work. Maybe 75 hrs, kinda lost track, it only took 6 hrs to paint. keep in mind any place u cheat or skimp on body work or prep will show espicially on a BLACK car.

Looks good.

A trick I learned along time ago about buffing cars: always sand in good lighting but buff with only one or two lights on the car. The darker the work area is, the better you will be able to see the reflection off the panels. I have been know to run buffers well into the night when doing side work at my house. When buffing in a garage, just turn off all the lights and use a single spot light. You can take your eyes out of focus and really see what is on the surface of the car. You should never be able to see any sand scratches when you're done polishing everything.

Nice pics when it's back on the road:)
Thanks 4 the tips. I noticed using a single flourescent drop lamp really highlights scratches and swirl marks. Im still not done polishing, i used up all my free time, but will be back at it this weekend. I have'nt done any damage, but i have to go back to few areas that did'nt enough #3000, i can see 1200 scratches. What a PIA, does'nt help being a rookie:eek:
May want to try this stuff:)

I've had much luck with this in the past years with Turbo Cut. It breaks down as you use it so the compound gets finer as you do an area of a panel. Watch out for 3M stuff, sometimes they throw in silicone that evaporates after a few days of being polished. You will need to go into go up to finer polishes as the paint gets smoother but this stuff takes the pain out of those 1200-2000 scratches.

Wizard's Wizards Products

Remember, DON'T wax that car for at least six months!!!! I use this stuff called Finish First instead of putting on a wax that locks in all the solvents and makes the finish blurry within six months.

finish first auto polish
Im using 3M perfect-it 2000. Its very expensive, but it seems to work well on dark colors. My painter told me the same thing, wait six months B4 waxing. Im thinking about using mequires gold carnuba wax to protect all my hard work. He also said no car covers for six months, good thing i have a garage, even tho its very dusty. Steven