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Nov 28, 2018
Do anyone know a New member that goes by ROBBENFRED50, He sent me the following mail:

I recently purchase some items from @jimski, he's willing to sell some Cold Case Radiator. You can email him at if he still have it available.

This could be, but doesn't sound legit to me
I would RUN! Just by the wording of your DM it's suspect. Not to mention why do these people sending the email never have the parts?! It's always someone else.

Plus I believe someone posted about this guy already.
Do a search... This guy is all over with his fake ads, etc.

It's real simple. Put the sellers name in the members names drop down and see where this guy comes from.
99% of the time he's a newbie that's been here for 8 hrs. WAKE UP FOLKS!
I recognized it was a scam from the start. Just letting other members aware. They always ask for Friends & Family...Which is same as sending cash to a perfect stranger that may not even be in this country. The funny part is when they post a picture, if you look close, you may have seen the same picture on someone else add, or on Google. NEVER do Friends & Family....You have no protection over your funds.


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