Scan Numbers help


Sep 30, 2016
1st of all I am still learning as these cars are new to me, any help is appreciated.
My car has been running good, but now not so much, stumbles, idles rough

ScanMaster wth car idling?

398 millivolts 0.0
AF 05
L8 34
Bat 12.8
Int 128
bl 132
mph 00
cle 37
ats or abs ? 114
r 850
tps .38
iac 35
cc 36
nal 70

1987 WE4
WalBro ? pump
Alky kit off
42 lb injectors
boost controller
Intake w/K&N
Intercooler may be stock modified

Thanks Guys
What symptoms you describe is definitely a T/B .But you did mention it was running find at first, the read out on your S/M I dont see anything that's alarming . I would start first with where I got gas last( maybe some water in it) , pull out a plug an see how it is firing, check plugs wire for connection,and how long has it been since the fuel filter has been replaced . Also is it running rich since it started idling rough,that could tell us a lot as well..
Thank You for all replies, Voltage is good at regulator and battery but shows different at Scan Master ,about 2 volt difference, NAL could be typo, I think plugs are fouled gonna start from there. I got ahead of myself and to tell full story I left car show and it stumbled around,(was fine on the way) let me down ,got car on rollback & got it to the house, found the small wire(from Alternator) shorting out and was against case, It has been soldered and heat shrinked, got car running again, my guess it plugs are nasty from no fire I hope....I apologize for the confusion and appreciate all help.Are Scanmasters pretty good? One GN mechanic told me to buy Logmaster and plug laptop into it....Again Thanks Guys
Drive the car and get to operating temps then get home and let it come to idle for a few and then record readings and post them , Your TPS needs to read .44 to .46 at idle and with key ON engine OFF TPS needs to read 4.4 to 4.6 at WOT if you have a floor mat move it before you go to WOT, and at a warm idle your IAC needs to be around 10 or so .
Thanks for the help, Throttle body was reworked by bore went from 57mm to 62, I am glad this guy kept records, I have yet to pull panel & see about TurboTweak chip, gotta get over phobia of screwing something up, Thank You for help and replies, I had a 1969 Camaro SS, this is a whole nother animal, but when I got into I was definitely bit by the power these cars make,This car ran a 12:67 when it was right, nothing like some of you guys have ,fastest thing I have ever owned, Thanks for all replies again,try to get plugs and try again , Thanks
OK guys, changed the plugs and wires and have new numbers after driving the car. car was idling with these numbers.
769 00
AF 04
L8 32
BAT 12.1
INT 128
BL 133
MPH 00
CLT 176
ATS 133
R 775
TPS .40
IAC 20
CC 97
NAL 00

TPS needs to be raised just a little .44 to .48 and 4.4 to 4.8 at WOT , IAC would help to be around 0 or as close as you can get it but otherwise she looks very good .