Scanmaster G for old PowerLogger


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Jul 12, 2003
Ok - I'm finally finding some time to install my Scanmaster G and after the install, my new SMG blinks all kind of random numbers. I used the the same Comm link from my old SM 2.1 and I am pretty sure I updated the PL to the newest version, when I open the new version, Scanmaster G is checked along with all the associated options I want.

Anybody having issues... I am pretty sure I have one of the old school PLs.... I read somewhere about removing a capacitor but don't know if that is my fix to getting proper info. Or if I need to wire to my ALDL - but that seems like going backwards.

Thanks in advance

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i am having this same problem even after loading latest version of software, reflashing PL, and removing the cap. from the board. my SM also shows random data and multiple trouble codes
presuming that your PL has been updated, and the Scanmaster G option enabled, if the data is still not correct then it might make sense to send it to me for checkout.