Scanmaster G to Powerlogger


Test don't Guess
Aug 29, 2017
Hey guy's. Got the newest PL and a SMG. Question is does the SMG comm wire still hook to the Powerloggers IO board via #7 space.
Just so everyone knows I did look for this info. The closest I got was with the older PLs. And I did email Bob, but that didn't go through. I will get with him on that. I think it's due to my name is HackersDna.
Anyways thanks for the help in advance.
Yes it connects to #7 on the pl input board. Also make sure "scanmaster G" option is checked in the PL software.
Thank you Eric. Just wanted to make sure. One thing I have learned about these cars is to never assume.
And choosing that option on tab 3 would be where?