Screwy brakes....


Okay, it will become glaringly obvious in the words to follow that I aint much of a mechanic...............are we done giggling? Good.;) My GN has the S-10 brake cylinders, I don't know if that means anything in reference to this problem.
Lately, my brakes have been acting real funny. They do the exact same thing every time: I step on the brake pedal, it's so stiff that I've got to stand on it to stop that behemoth--then, after a few feet, they soften up and work properly, usually throwing me forward a couple of inches. ;) I obviously haven't been driving the thing on the street, and the other day when changing the oil, I checked my brake fluid level. Although the fluid was fine, the top rubber seal was kind of stuck down in there as if having been sucked down. I put it back in place, trying to get a real good seal when I put the lid back on and took it around the driveway. No improvement. Any suggestions?
Are you getting a brake warning light on the dash on? Sounds like the pump and motor are on its last leg or you have an internal leak in the powermaster.

Eric Fisher
I had the same problem a few months back, turned out to be the eletric moter on the powermaster failing. I just converted the brakes to vaccum. It a pain in the butt to replace the brake pedal but no more worries about trouble shooting the powermaster, plus I can now hold 5+lbs of boost on radials.
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Yep, warning light. Wouldn't a leak in the powermaster be pretty obvious/visible?

No, it is an internal leak that was referenced, it is leaking inside the system and not losing fluid (as you stated) so you would never see it unless you climbed in the master cylinder and put the top on.:D