Seeking advice on Cordless Air Compressor


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Oct 31, 2007
Seeking advice on cordless air compressors.

I've seen a few that resemble a cordless drill. What brand, model & features are the most reliable & useful? Are they capable of completely airing up a typical passenger car sized tire?

Thank you.
We just pumped up bike tires and balls of different sorts.
The battery died and had to get a new one, which has a replaceable battery like a cordless drill.
I tore the old one apart to find a corroded battery wire terminal and fixed it for a spare.
An easily replaceable battery was important to me.
I use a ryobi plus one because the battery fits a whole assortment of tire?...better bring your lunch lol..haven't tried....I use my dewalt jump pack that has air on it.....set the pressure, go do other stuff come back when it's done it's job...
In a parking lot an old timer says "Can you give me a jump?"...I pull out my jump box, go over, jump his car....He was like "Damn, I need to get me one of those" response "Or just get a new battery'' :)
the ryboi on riding mower, wheelbarrows, tubes for floating down the river, basketballs, footballs great