selling my car


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Jul 3, 2001
I have put a lot of thought into this and have decided to sell my 87 GN, 50,ooo miles, rebuilt motor, (800 miles), rebuilt trans, (150)miles, almost everything on motor new, new eaton posi,new 373 gears, new shocks frt & rear, all gauges, way to much stuff to list. if anyone is interested e-mail me your phone # and i will go over evrything that is in car.. asking $17,500
Sorry to hear that Steve, I remember seeing it at Dyno Day, it's a real sweet car.

Good Luck
They may be having another dyno. day in the late summer up there.

Steve (311) works there too.

Worth the trip up there.

Steve why are you selling the car? :(

we have the dyno right in Manchester at J & M , you can call me at 645-6389, or stop by at 299 Broad st.
i am selling car to do something different. just not sure what yet...:confused:
Gees drive it and enjoy it, fast streetable and it looks good.

Set it up for road handling and braking or something....

Don't sell it.... :(

Just my .02, can't picture driving anything else. :)
wow i had no idea there was a dyno so close, broad that on the way from gbury to the mall? near keeny street? Anyways is there anyway i can get the car tuned there durring a few dyno runs? I have a feeling the cars not running at it's full potential and im hoping someone who knows what their doing could take a look at it. do you guys charge extra for that?
To get to J&M you could take Rt. 83 right into downtown Manchester. Go thru a bunch of stoplights (not if they're red lights tho :p), and at the top of the hill (4-way intersection), go left. Take a right after you go under the railroad bridge (there's a Shaw's Supermarket right after the RR bridge), and J&M is *about* a 1/2 mile up on the RH side, it's a white building that's set back from the road a little bit.

I believe it is $150 for about an hour with 3-4 pulls and some tuning involved on your own.

You get the same deal for about $80 during a dyno. day.

Race gas is extra. :D

Call them up and ask for Steve or Eric Rankin.

Nice people, tons of cars there, some very nice Corvettes. Even old ones that I like. :)

hey steve you going to sell the buick.what will you drive then hopefully another buick:):cool:

we are that close, stop by sometime or call 645-6389 ask for myself or Eric, usually you get 3 pulls with Eric doing some tuning for you for $150, starting this week i will be there on limited time during the day, i had a slight accident on friday morning and broke my leg.:mad:
do you live on manchester rd?
talk to you later
driving Buick

Rob how ya doin,
havent seen you in a while, when i sell the GN i dont know what i will have. i did recently buy a 1984 regal limited with 64,ooo miles on it for a daily driver. talk to you later
Hey Steve, sorry to hear about the leg, hope it isn't a major break. :(

Another dyno day would be great as I need to baseline the GN. :)

PS: Keep the car.....
311/ steve

sorry to hear about your leg.i have been off line for awhile puter problems.i hope you get to feeling better soon.i have a couple projects going on my self i have a 81 elcamino and a 79 regal i picked up for free haven`t decided what to do with them yet tho talk to you later:cool: