SEMA - Any Way In?


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Hey guys!

For years, its been a dream of me and my son to attend SEMA. I know it's trade only. Does anyone have any ideas as to how us commoners can attend?

Thanks in advance...
You need to buddy up to an exhibitor and passes through them.
If you start a blog right now and write regular industry related entries for the next 12 months, you might be able to parlay that into a media pass for 2019.
Dont waste your time starting a fake company w fake id badges emails etc bc they actually do check. Ask me how i know lmao
They do give a few out to regular people I believe. I have seen guest tags in the past. I go every other year, odd years. It is definitely something to see. Plan at least 2 days at the convention.
I’m actually going this year and it’s been years that I have been trying to go. Enrollment for the badges were around $40 and they ask for your line of business and require proof. You can either send them a copy of your business card or a copy of your pay stub showing proof you work for the said company.
I get credentials for SEMA and PRI every year...whether I attend or not is another thing. now that PRI is in Indy, can't say that I am always excited to be in Indy in December...December in Orlando was more inviting when PRI was there

If credentials are being checked at SEMA, it is typically only at the main entrances of the convention center buildings proper and not the outside display areas.

the outside display areas of silver lots 1,2 and 3 as well as Convention Center Drive and North Road (between North Hall and the Westgate) are open to all. there is no way to limit access in these open public areas. I spend a day in these open areas checking out the displays, Ford's proving area, and all the show cars lined up outside along Convention Center Drive. Many of the Optima battery street car challenge competitors are lined up on North Rd.

there is a lot see in these open is the floorplan

Even without SEMA credentials, there is still a lot you can see at the SEMA show and around vegas itself....

DAY 1: outside displays at SEMA
DAY 2 FRIDAY: outside displays, SEMA Ignited (open to public) begins at 3pm goes to 10pm SEMA Ignited factsheet check out youtube for past year's highlights.
DAY 3 +4 Saturday/Sunday: at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for NHRA division 7 final sportsman series races. Also, Optima Battery street car competition on the road track. Optima Street Car Challenge event info.
Day 5: check out the sights of vegas if you've never been.

just ideas how to take in some of the show and motorsports events that same week...
thought I'd add a few things... has background info and past year photo galleries. every vehicle on display at SEMA has to run and drive. So as they all exit from the convention center display areas, all vehicles parade through SEMA Ignited.

@SpeedRacerX, if you haven't seen, kid's under 12 are free to attend SEMA Ignited with paid adult ticket. Also, kids in high school or college get free tickets as well --just apply for them on website link above. Military ID, law enforcement and 1st responders -- show id for free admission. there is a premium ticket to sema ignited, but I don't know the extra $50 for a reserved bleacher seat, bottle of water, t-shirt and bumper sticker is worth it vs. the regular $20 adult admission ticket. sema credentials access the ignited show as well.

the GM proving ground/road course and track car display is between Central Hall and South Hall, bound by Desert Inn Road. road is closed to pedestrian traffic, so I don't know of a way to check it out without credentials. Access is via the side doors of the back half of Central Hall exhibit area.

The Optima street car challenge competitors are lined up on display on North Rd between the Westgate and North Hall. @Turbo6inKY noted in the AutoCross forum that his GN will be on display on October 30th as a competitor in the Optima challenge that weekend at Las Vegas motor speedway's road track.
I have a spare badge, maybe 2, call if interested - 602-866-9908.

Leaving for the weekend tomorrow, back Monday.
I have a spare badge, maybe 2, call if interested - 602-866-9908.

Leaving for the weekend tomorrow, back Monday.
Amazing offer Nick. I am now all screwed up and booked up for work and can't get away. 1 week earlier and I could have blocked out my work calendar. Damn.

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Amazing offer Nick. I am now all screwed up and booked up for work and can't get away. 1 week earlier and I could have blocked out my work calendar. Damn.

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There’s always next year, and this way, it gives plenty of time to acquire passes, and get your work calendar filled out.
Unfortunately, I am tied up with new machines coming in to the shop, otherwise I’d be there
Sema starts tomorrow. I guess I am kind of odd, only attend on odd years. For those in attendance post some pics if possible.
Just a few pics.


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at first I was just going to link to and say check out the highlights from last year and check out youtube search for some stuff this year. everyone has different interests beyond turboBuicks. here are some examples I thought stood out this year...

spoke with the builder - this was a five year build - displayed in the PPG booth

AND a few more that caught my eye...
As Andrew noted, uploading pics can be brutally slow, a lot of wifi is like 1/1 speeds...have yet to view his album.

here is a '50 Buick where at quick look seems like OE powertrain. however a crate LS3 is hiding under the OE valve covers which are just hiding the individual coils. Exhaust manifolds get you to look a little closer to learn what is hiding in plain sight.