Senior citizen in an Turbo New Yorker LOL


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May 23, 2001
I'm coming up to a light and the right is open so I slide on in.There is an old couple,(I mean old) like late 70's and his wife sitting next to him.Well the light changes and we go and he don't hesitate to drop the hammer on me.We are in a 40 mph zone here BTW.I can't believe it so I reel him in right quick and check out his car,the back said new yorker and the side fender said turbo.Not sure what year but looked like a 90's model.Well we come to another light and it changes and he tries again,full throttle and hauling a$$!All the time he's smoking a ciggarette too.His wife looked terrified and it made me wonder if he was just road raging with me while I was having fun.Well we come to another light after I show him the difference between the 2 cars:D and he says pointing at the front of my car"V8?,V8?.I said "nope,six"he just waved his hand like he thought I was lying and I left the light softly and he gave up.No lie this guy was in his late 70's maybe even early eighties and the shock factor was too cool.I hope I am as cool as that it my golden years.For his age and car he gets my full respect for the run he gave,I have raced plenty of slow,bunk v8 whatevers that he probably would have killed:eek:
I don't think Chrysler ever put their turbo engines in a New Yorker, but I could be wrong.

I would lose faith if you lost to an old dude in an early 90s Chrysler, though. heh
Well to tell the truth I was thinking of letting him win for a second,NOT!Whatever it was it had some kind of help cuz he had no problem getting the speed up (65+).I really was'nt sure to laugh or be scared as hell.I'm not to up to date on my chrysler products so I really can't be sure what year it was but it said TURBO on it.
So how many of us will be out there smoking people when we're old geezers? I probably will be if I'm not dead. Or if Big Brother hasn't figired out a way to automatically bust us even if we think about doing something illegal.

This also assumes that Big Brother hasn't outlawed our cars by then, too.
I've seen Turbo New Yorkers, but they were made in the late 80's.
They've got a Turbo 2.2 litre 4 banger and they move for what they are. One time I got smoked by a REALLY old guy in a Lexus GS400. This was back when I had my Porsche 944. He was all hunched over the steering wheel and was wearing those cataract glasses. (Wraparound sunglasses). I left the light hard because the road went to 2 lanes in about 1/8 of a mile and I didn't want to get stuck behind this guy. As soon as he saw me nail it he also did and left me to look at his taillights. :eek:
my father had a turbo new yorker. it was a mid 80's car tho. i'm telling you not to underestamate these turbo mopars. my friend has a daytona shelby vnt and the car is a hand full to drive.

that might have been my grandfather. lol he races with his 00 regal. but we live in ny :)