serpantine belt


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May 25, 2001
I'm having a heck of time finding a new belt..destroyed mine the other night. Jumped on the throttle while crusing at 55 and
instantly blew the tires off (thanks to the new MSD 50's!!). The rpm surge threw the belt which got chewed up by one of the pulleys. I have a Dayco belt replacement
but it slips on the polished water pump pulley(Kirbans) despite the new tensioner. Who cares a proper replacement besides the buick dealer ?

- Scott
Pep Boys is where I got mine and it has been working like a champ. It sounds like you might have to roughen up the surface on the polished pulley a little OR you new tensioner might no be putting enough tension on the belt.
Thanks..I have a Pep boys not too far from Work. I'll give that a shot. Good point about the pulley, I'll run a file over it.
I just got a Dayco # 640k6 at Pep boys for $22. Works fine with stock pulleys, tensioner. :)
I picked up a belt at Pep boys yesterday...despite telling the clerk 3 times its for 3.8 TURBO, he managed to give me the wrong belt... Thanks for the part number.