Servo problem


Sep 4, 2002
While attempting to change the servo in my GN, the servo pin slipped out and will not go back into the transmission far enough for the cover to fit on the trans. Can someone tell me how t correct this?
remove all the parts and inspect for the problem .it should be easy to see.maybe the inner spring is still in there.
Thanks for the reply. I have taken all parts out of the trans and tried only the pin, it still will not go in far enough. Any suggestions appreciated.
Sounds like maybe the band moved and the pin isn't going into the lug properly.

Drop the pan and wiggle ther band until the pin catches it,
or if your lucky,asmall screwdriver in the servo pin hole tomoveit around and line it up.

One of the bolts that holds the VB on can be removed and insert a long thin rod,screwdriver or pick in the hole to catch the lug on the band. Push it up and insert pin. Can/t tell you exactly which one without looking.