shaved bumpers

i did mine they look much better,when you shave them you will have to do some shaving on the park lamps or they will stick not noticeable when the bumperstrip is on.
I shaved the park lamp bezels on mine also and molded them to the shape of the bumper with some duraglass. It's one of those details nobody notices but it makes me feel better.
hey steve whats up ? this is Brian Berger from riverside. is your car ready to go?i'm real close to putting in the girdled motor.should be running by the end of march.i bought a TE45A w/qtrim and an esp frt mt, so it should run pretty good.send me your phone#on a pm and i'll send mine back.
Hi Brian. Didn't realize that was you. I'm off to a slow start. Not even started on an engine yet. I finished the new down pipe yesterday. Got some other stuff to change. I've been working on an airplane all winter and haven't spent much time on the Buick.