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I tried searching before doing this and couldnt find the answer I was looking goes.

I own a 1989 turbo T/A.The 1-2 shift is nice and firm.Problem is on WOT the 2-3 shift is a bit sluggish.It is a stock tranny with 17k miles on it.

Question I have is.... if there is a shift kit on the market that will firm up the 2-3 shift under WOT.And not "bang" while piddling around town cruising.And not "bang"1-2 while cruising around.

Art Carr,trans-go,superior,postons,etc....have shift kits.Do any of these or someone elses have the ability to tailor the shift,



I have driven two differnt TTA's in the last month. They shifted as you desrcibed. I am not a fan of the "kits" out there. IF you insist on a shift kit, you might want to try Bruce's service. You can send him your valve body, and he can modify it for performance shifting.:D
Thanks,at least I know its not my trans :)

Can a shift kit be custom tailored in this aspect to not be harsh when normal driving?Or is the fix a high stall converter to soften the blow?

Give me a call Razor. I've got a few tips to help that 2-3 shift with-out knocking your cap off into the back seat!
Mike,thank you for the faxed instructions.Really :)

Not often do folks lend others a true helping hand.If I ever need tranny stuff'll be my very first call.


Ps...not that i'm planning on having tranny probs,but it sure is great to deal with nice/competent people :D
Thanks Mike. Thanks for faxing him what he needed. I was about to post then saw you had it handled. Thanks again.........