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Nov 9, 2001
I gots another question! First off I figured out how to adjust my TV cable, now I can get 112 channels in my car. O.K., that one's probably been used before - anyway my Transmission is shifting quite nice, after the adjustment. It feels the way I think it should feel for a stock transmission, but it won't bark second and at WOT it seems kind-of hesitant before making the 1-2 shift. Now, I'm thinking about putting a shift improver kit into it, (B&M), but I don't want to do anything stupid. I'm from the old school where you put a shift kit into a turbo 400 and you could'nt seem to tear it up no matter how hard you tryed. However I know the 200 is a different breed of cat. Do you folks think the shift kit is a bad idea? Or am I O.K. to put one in? I'm also going to hook up a pressure gauge on the transmission to check the low and high pressure. BTW while we're on the subject, any inputs on what kind of pressure gauge to get and how to hook it up? Thanks for taking the time to reply - BB:cool:

I'm learning !!!!!
Your factory shift points are good for street!

Unless someone has changed your factory trans, you have an excellent street setup as is!

I recently tried to improve the shifts in my Monte SS trans. I bought a Superior brand kit, only to find that the SS springs were better than the kit in all areas but three or four. After finding this out, I was sorry I ever bought the the damn thing.

If your shifts are softer than you'd like, you might try a .5" TV boost valve (sometimes called a PR valve but not). This will raise your pressures across the board. However, with higher pressures, you risk blowing out your front seal. It is recommended that you disassemble your pump and progressively drill the seal oil return passages to 5/16". Or, you might just add a seal retainer (not sure how well it works).

The other trick is to install a super servo. This has slightly more area than the GN piston and will apply your band with more force. However, you probably don't need it for regular old street drivin'.

Lastly, you can adjust your TV cable setting a smidge to change your shift rpm and firmness.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on the 2004R, but have gathered this info. from personal experience and the expert advice of Bruce, both Mikes and Greg.

By the way, these guys recommend the Art Carr shift kit for serious racing.

Thanks for the inputs!

Thanks for taking the time to post Bry - I suppose I can live without barking second, but that hesitant, kind-of-semi-mushy WOT shift is a little annoying, do you think that super servo might just tighten the WOT shifts up just a bit? If so where do I get one and how hard is it to put in? I've got the factory service manual for the car so at least I've got pictures. - BB:D
Try the archive...

There are plenty of testimonials to be found there.

Personally, I don't even own a Buick. However, I have found this site to be the most informative 200R4 site ANYWHERE.

Check the archives, you'll find your answer.

By the way....

Having the ASTG manual means:

1. You're half way there
2. The guys on here will treat you with more consideration.

shift kit

I used the TransGo kit from Summit & had pretty good luck (Iknow most of these guys don`t like the TransGo stuff) but I do believe this kit is OK. There is no drilling holes in the VB (only the plate) it dosen`t have the funky springs for the TV. It has a .5 in. boost valve & stonger press. reg spring, only drawback is it`s $109. The real Art Carr has a kit that Bruce likes don`t know what it consists of , he never has said (prolly won`t though I got him goin on the ENRON thing):D :D I`d like to know what the Art Carr kit consisted of though.

Art Carr kit

Yea, friggin Enron taking peoples entire lives... What Crap!!!!!....But thats another thread:(...... Back to reality...)
The Art carr kit consists of a drill to drill 3 or 4 holes with detailed instructions for drilling plate ( and they are conservative, which is good), a 2-3 shift spring (if you do not have a BRF vb) a tv spring (which is the only part of this kit I recommend NOT using), a 1-2 servo Accumulator restirctor plug, a 1-2 acc spring, A line bias valve spring, a PR spring, all gaskets, a filter, and instructions.
That is it. And you know what? It is The most effective "kit" out there. Very simple and reversable. (Except for plate, you drilled, which you would just replace with new one for 18.00 if you ever would want to go back).
I have talked at length with GM engineers who designed this VB and system and in all honesty, even though they appear to be extremely finicky, They were designed very, very well and millions of dollars were spent to achieve this. In stock form they perform very well provided care is used to make sure everything is clean and free. I do recommend that a "kit", if you want to call it , should be installed in every one just to bump up and/or assist in raising pressures and performance and to give the clutches and band some help to hold all your guys "big" power. Heheheheeh ..and.... Yes , I am guilty too.:):D

Superior shift kit

I don't recommend this kit unless you have a "low performance" trans, i.e. Oldsmobile Delta 88 - "OG" trans.

Anyway, here is what comes in the Superior p/n 200-4R

  • Line bias spring (fits inside existing spring) - yellow
  • MTV down spring - Most experts agree this spring should be left stock - purple
  • Throttle valve spring - Stiffer than a CZ or BR spring, some recommend using this spring - pink
  • Throttle valve boost spring - stiffer than CZ or BR spring, most recommend leaving this spring stock - black
  • 1-2 accumulator spring - less stiff than CZ or BR spring, leave stock if you have a performance trans - red
  • Servo cushion spring - less stiff than CZ or BR spring, leave stock if you have a performance trans - blue
  • Pressure regulator spring - Stiffer than a CZ spring, definitely use this one - light blue
  • Inner pump priming spring - Use only if your pump has only one spring (perf trans have two) - white

The kit then suggests you drill oversize five holes in your valve body plate. Holes range from .093" to .125".

This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE gaskets!

I used parts of this kit in my '87 CZ trans. These parts are: 1) line bias; 2) throttle valve; 3) pressure regulator. Since it didn't come with gaskets, I didn't bother drilling my plate either. That's it, I really felt like I had wasted my money! Morale of the story, factory performance trans is pretty good as is. If you need more, try the Art Carr.

While on the subject of the Sys-Ko-Kal kit, there is a "tv boost strap" which is a small 1"x1/4" piece of flat metal. It goes inside the tv spring. What does this strap do?

Trans-Go Shift Kit

I have one of these in my OG trans. It works pretty good except for a problem shifting from 2-3 under WOT. Experts have suggested that this problem might be remedied by returning the 2-3 spring to stock.

Here's what is included in Trans-Go kit p/n 200-4R-B:

  • 2-3 shift spring - the one that is causing me problems? - blue or red
  • Accumulator valve spring - most competitors don't mess with this - brown
  • Line bias spring - kit says not to use if you have perf trans - beige
  • MTV down spring - green
  • Throttle valve spring spacer - a piece of metal inserted into factory spring "bootstrap"
  • Throttle valve boost springs - blue and red spring installed inside factory spring
  • Shim and spacers - shim installed behind factory servo cushion spring and two washers installed between inner and outer servo pistons
  • Band apply pin return spring - white
  • 4th accum springs - green and blue, one for each side of the piston
  • Poly seal - for 4th accum piston
  • 2nd accum spring - black
  • Pressure regulator spring - white or green depending on shift preference
This kit also includes all gaskets and an oversize, gold 2nd clutch valve body checkball (for worn plates).

The kit has you enlarge five holes in the same locations as the Superior shift kit. These holes range from .072" to .116".

The instructions are very detailed and clear. Much, much better than the instructions that come with the Superior kit. Proper adjustment of TV cable is clearly explained. Additionally, the instructions show you how to enlarge your seal oil return passages to prevent seal blow-out as well as other tranny rebuild tips.

This kit has developed a bad rep due to the numerous mods. If something goes bad, you must backtrack each mod one at a time to find the culprit. Additionally, the radical mods to the TV valve train have most experts cursing this kit.

Thanks guys for the great info. I'm learning a bit more each day, I need to know what this "ASTG" manual is though. I've got the factory service manual, ($80.00 through, but I'm not familiar with the ASTG manual, or where to get it. Thanks - BB
JC Whitney has the ASTG manual for $14.99

P/N 16US7273Y.

used a art carr valve body kit iwith my 700+ Dutweiller motor - it gave great service- 10:18 at 130 mi per hr