Shift Linkage


G-body enthusiast
May 25, 2001
When I recently swapped a 2004R back into my 85 SS I can no longer can get the shifter into gear 1 or 2. D, OD, R, and P are fine, the shifter just doesn;t go far enough back to get into 2 or 1. It had a TH350 in it that someone else installed before I put in the 2004R. It is not something totally necessary but it is starting to bug me. Is this adjustable? if so how do I adjust it?

Thanks in advance
Check the nut that connects to the linkage on the tranny. It might be TOO tight. I had the same problem when I moved the linkage out of the way to fix the header, I tightened it up too much and could not pull it into first. Do not try to force it, you will break something. Good luck, ERIC.:)