Shift problems


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Jul 16, 2001
My trans when cold will not shift out of 1st gear at WOT until it seems like the motor is going to blow. When the engin gets warm and the tranny is warm it will shift a little faster. The tranny also shifts trough the gears faster than normal. Even though the TCC is set up not to go in lock-up on the chip until 49mph it may be in 4th locked up at 35-40 causing the engin to bog down. Dose this mean it is time to rebuild? Thanks Tracy:confused:
Without knowing the service history on your transmission, I'd say change the fluid and the filter and readjust the TV cable.

If the transmission is not slipping at all, it may be salvageable without a rebuild. Depending on how much debris you find in the pan, you may even want to drop the valve body and governor to give them a thorough cleaning. Reinstall with fresh gaskets if you do.
The fluid and filter was changed not 400miles ago. I felt like this would help. When you speak of readjusting the TV cable what are you speaking of and how do I adjust it. Thanks Tracy