Shop clean out, parts priced to sell!


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All prices are plus shipping unless noted. Please add 3% or send as a gift if using PayPal. Thanks!

1) Turbo cover. It’s cut for an aftermarket downpipe and has a hole in front for the oil line. $15 plus shipping

2) New in the package PST polygraphite from sway bar mounts and end links with hardware. $20 plus shipping

3) Turbo Buick facts and figures book. I have had this book since around 1990. Some wear on the cover but reads fine! $10 plus shipping

4) OEM 120amp alternator from and 87 GN. Worked fine when removed $35

5) Type II coilpack. I was told it worked fine when I bought it but I never tested it so pricing accordingly. $20 plus shipping

6) Stock rear speaker support brackets. $15 plus shipping

7) Pair of new in the box lower ball joints. $20 shipped

8) Assorted sensors and brackets. There are two 2 bar maps, one TPS, one crank sensor bracket, one IAC housing and one pressure switch for a digital dash car. $20 plus shipping for all

9)Passenger side valve cover with small K&N filter. This is identical to a stock valve cover except it has a oil fill cap. Buick used this set up on a different Buick model. I planned to use the oil fill with an eVAC system. The front grommet is missing. $20 plus shipping

10) Stock air boxes X 2. Good condition $15 each plus shipping or $25 plus shipping for both.

12) Valve cover oil fill tube. $15 plus shipping

13) stock up pipe with a fitting welded on. I assume the fitting was for some type of Alky system. Would be a good pipe to modify for your needs. $15 plus shipping

14) Fuel pump sending unit(analog) from 87 GN. It appears to have had the fulel pump connector changed to fit a different style of pump. $15 plus shipping

15) ATR 3” stainless test pipe. Has a fitting on it for a EVAC system but can easily be plugged or welded up. $20 plus shipping F85D54E8-55D9-4032-9794-DC3EB8AF2392.jpegF0421ECF-D2F7-422E-9A28-0EFB97F2512F.jpegBC192A37-60A1-49E4-AAD2-03B1B17B07EB.jpegB5971D33-35C2-4ED1-BEED-C2BD7935F571.jpegD5DF931A-2DD9-4676-84B0-021CA28F10AD.jpegDB3DB0A2-E33D-4255-A0C7-CFB6B79DC262.jpegD952717F-7592-48C8-AF8C-564253CF1D3C.jpegB5B6F1EC-61A1-43A8-826A-8B7F65A8A72E.jpeg9E132430-AE05-4369-B776-102260D27196.jpegB27587D7-926D-40B9-976E-8F93E175F311.jpeg
I'm interested in buying both of the air boxes! Are they for an 86-87? Zip code is 98270 if you want to box it up and figure out shipping. Can I pay with a Money Order? Thanks!
I'm also intrested in the book, if you wanted to toss that into the package with your airboxes, and will take MO payment, consider them sold!
I'll take :

-2) New PST polygraphite for sway bar mounts & end links w/ hardware. $20
-4) OEM 120amp alternator from 87 GN. $35
-7) Pair of NIB lower ball joints. $20 shipped
I'll take :

-2) New PST polygraphite for sway bar mounts & end links w/ hardware. $20
-4) OEM 120amp alternator from 87 GN. $35
-7) Pair of NIB lower ball joints. $20 shipped

OK, sounds good. PM me your address and I will get an accurate shipping quote. Thanks