short block assembly


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Getting ready to start my short block assembly (time for the numbers matching block to go back into the car).

First step, simple stuff here but cant remember:

what's the best material to seal the new freeze plugs.

what about the front galley plugs? any sealer on them? what's the best (shadetree mechanic) method to stake them in??

teflon sealer good for the rear galley screw in plugs?

Freeze plugs. I use Permatex gasket sealer, I.E. baby-poop, you know, the non hardening brown stuff, or Ultra-Black silicone, both work great. Same with the front oil gallery plugs, but go light on the goo. Use a appropriately sized socket to seat the plugs with an extension on it to get your fingers outta the way. Stake the front gallery plugs in place with a small chisel to prevent them from popping out. Or.....better yet, tap them and install 1/4"NPT pipe plugs available from TA Performance. If you do it this way, be sure to tap the holes CAREFULLY, as you can definately go too deep on the passenger side gallery. Go a little at a time and keep checking the depth by screwing in the plug until it is snug when it's flush.
Rear gallery plugs use teflon sealer, as you stated. (or silicone, or baby-poo)