Should it be done ?


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May 25, 2001
Should it be done ? Follow up.

My engine is out , and what I am pretty sure is "not the real Art Carr" 9" N/L converter is looking me in the eye . It has about 600 miles on it . I'm thinking of packing it up and sending it to " the Real Art Carr" to be fresened up and brought up to spec . Just to make sure I do not run into any future problems . Am I over reacting or is this a good move ? Should I or shouldn't I ? the price for the freshen up from AC is $150. all comments are welcomed . Thanks.
Bruce , will the converter perform better or just be more reliable after AC gets done with it ? Thanks.
well my convertor was send to " The Real Art Carr" after a phone call made to them with my concerns . I was told by the person from AC who picked up the phone, to send it and they would open it up , freshen it up and bring it to spec . After the convertor arrived I made a follow up call and was put in contact with "Eric" . He asked me why the convertor was shipped and what was wrong with it . I explained there was nothing wrong with it having only about 500 miles on it . I also mentioned about it being build by "The Not So real Art Carr" and I had concerns about it's quality and workmanship. seeing that it is going behind a new engine this spring and I wanted no problems .Also that I wanted the convertor brought up to their specs. He said that it was opened and it looked fine and there was not much he could do seeing that it is a 'metric" convertor. It being a different design and parts from the AC 9" n/l that they market now . I explained to him what the first person on the phone that I talked to told me it could be freshened up and brought up to spec . He suggested that maybe we could swing a deal for one of their convertors .So I was a little upset sending a OK convertor and $150 US ( $100,000 Canadian) for basicly nothing . He said leave it with him and he'll see what he can do . To make a long story short . they will bring my convertor to the Real Art Carr specs . I do not know exactly what that means (Bruce?) but I was very happy to hear it . Many thanks to Eric and the people at AC . They are a first class operation !!!!!!!
Glad to see you got what you wanted. I Talked with Art The other day for an hour or so. He still hasn't lost his sense of humor:)

Bruce , any idea what can be done to this convertor to bring it up to AC spec seeing that it is a metric design convertor ? Can it be completely converted ? Thanks.