Should rebuilt tanny shift hard to not have any slipage?


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May 28, 2001
I just had my tranny rebuilt by a local guy here that's well known for his work with 4L60E LS1 f-bodies and warranties them for racing. However, I was real surprised that it now does not shift very hard at all. In fact it shifts smoother than what it did stock.
He insisted that someone had drilled out a hole in the plates, but it hasn't been touched that I know of, had the car since it had 10k miles for 13 years, so he filled the hole back in, which he said would make it shift softer.
With the type of pump he installed he explained it pushed alot more volume, so it did not need high pressure to keep from sliping, and thus the softer feeling shifts.
Does this sound right?
The friend that referred me to him had his TTA done there and he said his shifts very hard.
When I got it back too it was a quart and a half low on fluid and would free spin for a half a second between shifts under hard accelleration.