Shout out to Bruce (we4)

turbo todd

Yeah its a BUICK!!
May 27, 2001
I've been having trouble with my trans. latley. Shifting real soft, and real fast. (in 3rd before 30 mph.) On two different ocations I reset the tv. cable as per Still did the same thing. I was begining to think I might have to rebuild the tranny. I don't know much about trannys. I know a little about motors. Been in several, but never a transmission. I was scared to call or go by anyone around here because not that many people can fix a 2004r right the first time. Called Bruce (we4), talked to him about my problems. He seemed to think it was the tv. cable. Told me to keep adjusting it back till it got better. First I reset it to factory. Then moved it back one click at a time. Test driving every time. About three clicks latter, she was shifting like new!!!

First, I would like to thank Bruce for helping me out. second, I thought it was great that he didn't try to sell me something. He wanted to troubleshoot first. Get to the problem, then solve it. In this day and age this is unheard of! Thanks again Bruce!
Bruce for President!!

About a year ago I was having trouble with my trans shifting. He said it might be the filter. I was expecting him to get me to buy one from him, but he said just go to schucks and get one. The filter was the problem. Ever since, I buy my trans stuff from him. I am gonna put in my 9x11 converter in next week. Can not wait. ERIC.:D