Show me the turbo


The Video Guy
Mar 26, 2002
Show me the Turbo
Here`s a thread for posting some pics of your turbo babies.

Show us what you got.

This link will take you to pics of my baby, THE BLACK.

1987 GN
30psi boost gauge, console mounted coolant temp and Oil gauge, K&N air filter + breather, ScanMaster, rear airbags, 93oct chip, 2.5'' Hooker exhaust and some nice chrome under the hood.

I love these cars. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
Yaaaaaaa BABY !

You just GOTTA LOVE THEM BLACK TURBO CARS ! It looks great! Good luck with it!

Well I would but I can't post an attachment for some reason. So just use your imagination.

Kev :)