Single feed or duel feed to the rails on turbo 6.0L for e85


Feb 3, 2008
Hey guys. Im trying to plan out my fuel system. Setup will be a 6.0 with a t7875 with the holley dominator pump, victor junior, edelbrock rails, and 80lb injectors. I see lots of guys going to a y block. then lines to each rail. the cross over or lines to the fpr. Other guys are going to one rail then cross over, then the fpr mounted on the rail. The one feed line would be the easiest. Is there anyone that has real world data to show that running the y block is needed? I wouldnt think the first set of injectors could use that much fuel to starve the other rails. I see guys making huge power on stock rails even.
ya. I have it on their as well. lol Figured Id get a better idea of the set up in a buick on here as well. Pics welcome!