Single turbo SBC to look like a TR OE set up.

Single turbo SBC to look like a TR OE set up.

Might be Picking up another TR but the engine has a louder lower knock then my 87 T.
So if I have to replace the block how much more money do you think it would take to go
With a SBC.
I would like to copy the GN set up I would try to use of the shelf shorty or block hugger headers and go for the Hooker headers type set up and may be use TPI intake stuff .
So basically at a very quick glance it would look similar to the GN
Standing in front of the car
The turbo and accessories would be in the same general area including the stock (if it fits) IC.
Not looking for a 7 second car set up
I would like it to be a capable mid tens to be used to run in the mid to low elevens.
Most of the fabing I can do my self but all of the tuning will be sent out.
To sum it up I want to copy the TR OE engine compartment except with a SBC in it.
So what do you think?
To set it up that way, you'll need to use the v belt setup and get rid of the air pump on the pass. side. The reason is that on the serpentine engines the tensioner is on that side and would interfere unless you ran it out further.

I've had these headers for a while, just haven't pulled the trigger on a V8 project. Wanted to do a TPI single turbo car.

Maybe in the future..........

These were made for a third generation f body.... Should work on most cars that aren't in anyway close to the knuckle shaving bitch the third gens are.......


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