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Sep 10, 2012
So on another post, , Kyleh24 came up with a perfect acronym: JAM- Just Another Mustang. Loved it.

I had my GN out last week to grab some groceries and took the scenic route to get there. Had to stop at some railroad tracks and wait for a train with the rest of the traffic. A 4th gen JAM rolled up behind us just as the RR lights stopped flashing and the gate was going up. Charcoal black with a cowl hood with hood pins and an angry exhaust tone, the young guy behind the wheel of the Mustang seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere and was maneuvering in traffic to get ahead of the pack. My car must have looked slow and enticing because after about a quarter mile, he slowed down to line up with me. He lines up to the left of me, I’m in the middle with a lot of space ahead of us. At about 35mph, he shot me a rev, then geared down.

I was ready for him.

I matted it and my transmission geared down quick and the turbo spooled instantly. My rear broke loose and with me pedaling it, I had multiple car lengths on him in seconds, open dump sounding like a buzzsaw. I’m sure it shocked the hell out of him… it was not even close. He stayed behind me for another few miles suitably chastised until he finally accelerated ahead to make a quick left turn never to be seen again.

A Hyundai Veloster and 350z made some tries later that night, but are hardly worth mentioning as they were disposed of quickly with little throttle.

Good grocery trip for JAM.


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Thanks, I need some motivation to move cars out of the way to get the GN out of the garage and go JAM hunting. Appreciate the motivational kill. I'm embarrassed to post my last kill - a Civic SI but he did come up beside me afterwards and said he appreciated seeing the car driven the way it was meant to be driven. Think he just wanted to see it in action and knew the result ahead of time.