Slow to downshift.


This is the way.
After warm and after cruising at highway speeds coming to a stop the trans feels resistant to downshift.

Subsequently on accel after stop the engine will bog down unless I manually shift.

If I manually downshift and up shift all works as advertised.

Trans is properly serviced.

Any thoughts?

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TV valve could be sticking a bit. With the engine running, disconnect the cable from the throttle body. give the cable several to many sharp pulls to cycle it. don't try to pull it out of the trans, just pull it so the valve in the trans moves quickly. Could have some debris in there and cycling might clear it out.
Is the cable stiff? Not pulling back into the trans after you pull it out? This could be a problem too.
Ok, just got home. Cable already moves freely. There's light resistance when the cable engages the lever in the trans. As far as I can tell, it returns completely.

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