Slower traffic keep right! The #3 way


God Bless America!!!
Feb 8, 2004
#24 is starting to look like #3. Love him or hate him, JG took a page from Dale's book of racing.
Not happy with the Chicagoland crowd.

Throwing things onto the track is unacceptable. Even if that was Tony Stewart that had spun out the 17 car I would not have supported the actions of the crowd(obviously I hate Stewart). We look like the ass of the Nextel Cup world right now. Everybody has their take on the 24 and 17 contact but I was wondering is it possible that Kenseth was tryin to make Jeff lose traction and speed by forcing him to slow up to avoid him. It did look like the 17 car just wasnt accelerating but who knows, the way I see it Kenseth should have kept his helmut on and pushed Jeff after the race then the whole incident would have been a wash.