SLP firehawlk


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May 22, 2002
was out with some buddys in the local spot tonight, a clean Firehawlk cruzes up. the guy was lookin for a race. i walked over, told him id run him. he had to go get somthing to eat w/ his G/F first, so i said cool and we parted. i drove a few miles down to the 76 station that has some of the "good stuff":cool: and filled up w/ 11 gallons, making my octane 97. i gave the boost a few turns to 20 PSI on the dot, and headed back to the parkinglot.

there he was, waiting for me just where i left him. we went out to the agreed raceing spot (a trail of cars following us ranging from 5.0s to 03 cobras, LS1s and the like) and lined up. my buddy got out to flag. i did a short burnout just to get the BFG DRs hot.
we lined up, i powerbreaked to 1 PSI and left the line hard. he seemed to leave pretty hard also, but in a split sec, i was out on his ass. had him by about 3 cars, toward the end the gap closed to about 2. we let off, he said around 110 or so probably.

as far as i know, we were only going 85.

Here's just another case of some poor dude thinking he had it jacked up like a mother! I guess he wasn't figuring on you Jacking it uop like a mother also :D

lol yeah going to eat w/ his girlfriend. probably was filling up his nitrous and and swaping to a smaller supercharger pully:p
I love beating up on LS & Lt1's, Almost as much as 5.0's:D Anyway GREAT kill. My Brother has a 93 Supercharged LT1 Firebird, and it kills him that my 18 year old 6 banger takes him every time.:eek:
the best part of all is that my car looks like this

of course now it has some meaty looking BFG drag radials in back, but you can see how confadent he probably was.

all he saw was my rear license plate frame

"Grandma's Buick from Hell"

i ran my car at the same spot with a G tech tonight,

i ran a 12.8 at 109. no wonder i put the smack down lol
how long ago did you get your car? If I am not mistaken, I was talking to someone probably a little over a year ago about buying that car...I still have pictures of it on my computer! funny musta been the lucky one who got it, unless it was never sold.
Great pictures of your car! Something about gray on these cars. Looks really good in that color. I have a gray and black designer series.